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By intertwining personalized service and close collaboration with our clients and partners, we transcend the digital realm's boundaries. We embrace a 360-degree perspective of the digital landscape, not just by building products; it's about understanding the market and gaining real insights and by placing innovation at our core... Our mission?

Making the digital experience inherently human. 





Live-shopping or live-commerce is the ultimate solution for brands seeking to maximize engagement, brand awareness, and conversion rates. By integrating live video, real-time customer interaction, and seamless online shopping, brands can offer their clients a unique, personalized experience that merges the physical and digital worlds.

Live-shopping provides a unique experience for your customers, bridging the gap between the physical and digital world from your brand's site. At Fleeque, we're all about the phygital!

Enter the phygital.

"The first agency that uses live-commerce to create a unique experience that converts and engages on a whole other level."


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