We help brands and companies strategize and capitalize with the help of new technologies.

We are a creative agency / consultancy that focus on live-video-shopping and considering it's such a new phenomenon, we have collected years of experience on how to make you as a brand stand out and get the most out of your live-shopping events. 

And this is how we do it...

With the help of both long and short- term strategies we help brands from the moment they decide they want to create a live-shopping event until they see a real impact from their live-events.


We aim to help generate sales, drive traffic to the brand’s website and increase brand awareness amongst other things... so why not stand out from the rest of the brands and show them you’re one step ahead of the game.


We believe this will be a turning point in both e-commerce and retail and just like with other marketing platforms and social channels, the ones who are fast to join the train are the ones who benefit the most.

Our offer

  • Long-term live-shopping strategy in line with client's business goal 

  • Short-term live-shopping strategy per individual event 

  • Creative strategy and narrative per live-shopping events

  • Post-event data analysis and reporting

  • Custom solutions based on needs, requirements and business objectives

.... and more

Our mission

We aim to be the go to agency for both the live-video-shopping providers and brands,

offering the perfect bridge of communication to secure a positive outcome for both.

Our vision

We are pretty certain live-video-shopping is going to play a major part in the transformation of both e-commerce and retail.

But that's only if people see the big picture and have a great experience while benefiting from these kind of tools... And that's what we are here for.

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