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Live - video - shopping

Live-shopping is the most recent version of shopping online, which involves live video, chat and shopping. It helps brands sell more, create better engagement, relationship with their clients and helps drive traffic to the brand's website.


It's a phenomenon that originally comes from China, but is growing fast in both Europe and the United States. And it's only going the get bigger.


It's the closest you get to the physical in-store shopping experience but online - Creating the best mix of both physical and digital. This is what the future is all about.

Live shopping Example


Boost sales

Brands are increasing their add to cart rate by 36%

Improve engagement 

6.2x Engagement rate on brands website.

Brand awareness

Improve your brand awareness by using new marketing campaigns and by being a pioneer using live-shopping.

Reduce returns

Giving the client a much more holistic view of the different sizes and fits of their products help reduce returns drastically.


Traffic to brands website increases as there are more points of promotion.

"Live-video-shopping will be a 25 billion dollar industry by 2023"

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